I was in a miserable state when I visited Living Sober Rehab. Counselling sessions are very friendly and so effective; the treatment program helped me to find out the areas I need to work on to overcome my addiction. I am hoping for a lifelong sobriety. Thanks to Living Sober

rehabilitation center for drug addicts

One of my family friends referred me to Living Sober Rehab. The treatment is so motivational and effective. Initially, when I entered the rehab, I was so uncomfortable with the strict protocols and discipline. But later I realized that all sessions were actually helping me to understand more about me. It helped and I am sober now.

rehabilitation center for drug addicts

Actually, I was tricked into this Living Sober rehab by my wife; during that period, I was so angry on my wife and started resenting her. I was compliant and followed the rules of the rehab. A family session was organized where I got to meet my wife, this session changed my life. That day I understood that how my drinking has affected my entire family including my children. Subsequently, I completed my program honestly Living Sober gave me a new life.

rehabilitation center for drug addicts

Earlier, I was in a different rehab and relapsed and taken to Living Sober rehab. Here, I found the program and sessions were so focused on recovery. The program is not casual unlike other rehabs. Though few sessions (especially denial breaking session) appear so rude and felt targeted but that helped me open my mind and see my reality. Later, I realized the staff here is so helpful and friendly. I saw each session has its own importance. I am grateful for this rehab.

rehabilitation center for drug addicts

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